Adventures in Pottery

Late summer in 2019, I took a few pottery wheel classes with some friends. Well, I love a good challenge, so kept going back in spite of making very little progress. There is something very satisfying about playing in mud!

After several months of once-a-week classes I decided to become a member at Desert Dragon Pottery. I could come play on the pottery wheel a lot more often. I bought my clay from Mishy and the price included all firings and glazing. What fun.

Then, the Pandemic struck. Desert Dragon Pottery had to close its doors on March 15, 2020. Withdrawal quickly set in and I started to convert my in-home, watercolor studio into a place where I could dabble in hand building pottery. Mishy had a safe setup for dropping off and picking up pottery that needed to be fired. By the time Desert Dragon reopened in May on a reduced schedule, I had become completely hooked on building pottery out of slabs of clay. I now own a Skutt Kiln….Oh, my.